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Storing Sea Moss | Basic Guidelines

How to store Sea moss: Basic Guidelines

You just got your hands on some fresh, wildcrafted sea moss but you’re not sure how to store it? Then please keep reading forward.

Sea moss is one of the latest health crazes world-wide. It is known for its abundance of essential minerals that aid our bodies both internally (ingested as a gel or mixed in other favorite foods) and externally (applied on skin and hair as a mask).

Regardless of whether dry, in the form of a gel, or frozen, you can store your sea moss for a period between 3 weeks to a year. In today’s guide, you can read about the different ways of storing your sea moss and prolong its healing properties.

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How to store Sea moss?

The various forms of Sea moss require different methods of storage. Those include dry sea moss, sea moss gel (fresh and frozen), and sea moss powder. Due to Sea moss’s high sulfate contents, or simply salt, some forms of moss can only facilitate their mineral ingredients in special conditions.

Dry sea moss

Dry sea moss must always be kept in a dark, room-temperature place like a pantry, shelf, or cupboard. Due to its high contents of sulfur or salt, natural sea moss does not go bad and can be used over an extensive period of time. Dry sea moss should never be stored in a moist place (e.g. a fridge) in order to protect the salt crystals that preserve it.

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Soaked sea moss

Soaked sea moss must be stored in a fridge. In order to maintain its healing properties, the moss should be consumed, made into a gel and/or frozen within two weeks. In the meantime, the water in which the moss is stored should be replaced regularly.

how to store sea moss

Sea moss gel

Sea moss gel should always be stored in a fridge. If contained in a clean glass bowl or jar and well- concealed, the fresh gel can be used in the course of 3 weeks. If inconvenient, sea moss gel can also be frozen which allows for its lengthier usage. For instance, the gel can be filled into an icecube tray and once fully frozen, placed into a sealable bag and ready to use.

how to store sea moss

Sea moss powder

Sea moss powder, similarly to dry sea moss, needs to be kept in a dark, dry and cool-temperature place in order to prevent its quality from declining sooner than anticipated. Generally, powdered sea moss allows for about 3 months of regular, safe use after to store sea moss

In conclusion

Sea moss has proven to play a key role in living a healthy and balanced life. Whether dry or in the form of a gel or powder, fresh or frozen, it is never too late to jump on the Sea moss healing train! You can learn more about how to prepare Sea moss gel here or find some premade options here.

how to store sea moss

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