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Wildcrafted vs Farmed Sea moss | 3 differences

How to tell the difference between Wildcrafted and Farmed Sea moss!

real wildcrafted vs fake farmed sea moss

Irish Sea Moss was popularized by world-renowned herbalist and healer Dr. Sebi as a superfood packed with 92 minerals. For decades, sea moss was known and used by only a select few in the health community. Today, a far wider range of people, from celebrities to the common layperson, use it on the daily in order to harvest the bundle of nutritional benefits it provides.

It seems that with the growth in demand for authentic Sea moss, large companies have found a way to grow Sea moss outside of its natural habitat, only in order to profit out of people’s increasing interest in it.

In this article, you can read about everything that you should look out for when purchasing sea moss and the differences between wildcrafted and farmed sea moss!

real wildcrafted vs fake farmed sea moss

What is the difference between Wildcrafted and Farmed Sea moss?

Wildcrafted Sea moss, or authentic sea moss, is found in nature, where it naturally grows. It is native to the Atlantic shorelines of the Caribbean Islands, North America, Europe, and the Indian Ocean. Based on its origins, sea moss comes in multiple variations of color i.e., white, greenish-yellow (also referred to as Irish sea moss), or purple. Authentic sea moss owes its 90% mineral, vitamins, and nutrients contents to often growing in an attachment to ocean stones and rocks, which give the sea moss its healing properties. This why it is referred to as wildcrafted.

real wildcrafted sea moss

Farmed Sea moss, or ‘artificially grown’ sea moss, on the other hand, is purposefully grown in closed-off pools and tempered with. Without access to the ocean, farmed sea moss is unable to gain any medicinal properties. While it resembles the appearance of wildcrafted sea moss, farmed sea moss requires the usage of man-made techniques to simulate the wave patterns of the ocean in order to be replicated. For instance, manufactured fertilizers, mineral-dense substrates, and salt are among the chemicals added to the bottom of the pool. Rather than replicating authentic sea moss’s basic qualities, pool-grown sea moss can actually be harmful due to its low quality.

fake farmed sea moss

Here are 3 things to look at before purchasing Sea moss:

1. Characteristics 

After dehydration, Wildcrafted Sea moss usually comes in very dry, looks rather thin (ramen noodle thickness), and contains little to no salt. Because it’s grown in nature, Authentic Sea moss’s color tends to also blend. For instance, when ordering Irish (yellow) Sea moss, you are likely to witness golden, reddish, purple undertones in your moss and vice versa.

      • thin
      • dry
      • little salt
      • varies in color

real wildcrafted sea moss

In contrast, Farmed Sea moss is much thicker, has a very distinct smell to it, and contains A LOT of salt. Pool-grown Sea moss usually does not vary in color due to the fact it’s essentially purposefully manufactured.

      • thick
      • fishy smell
      • very salted
      • one color only

fake farmed sea moss

2. Quality vs quantity

The size and weight in which Sea moss is sold is another solid indicator of its origins. Although natural sea moss can vary in thickness, it never comes in chunks. Sticky, crystalized sea moss usually points to an inauthentic product. Due to its high sodium content, in this sense, farmed sea moss tends to weigh more and expand far less when soaked in water. Natural sea moss, however, weighs little at first and expands exponentially when soaked in water.

real wildcrafted vs fake farmed sea moss


3. Sources

Where you buy your Sea moss is probably the most important thing that you need to ask yourself. Sea moss can be found in drugstores, large health store chains, e-stores, commercial marketplaces, etc. If no information on where specifically your sea moss is sourced from can be given to you, whether by the local shop’s clerk or on the ‘About us’ page of the website you’ve found, chances are your sea moss is farmed.

irish sea moss recipe smoothie

With the growing interest in sea moss, large companies have begun to source out to third-party wholesale suppliers and often cannot directly guarantee the quality of their moss. However, small, local sellers often not only showcase the place where their sea moss is sourced from but also document the entire process of collecting it. Wildcrafted sea moss is usually harvested by diving underwater, where it naturally grows. Before deciding where to purchase your sea moss, ask yourself – is this provider transparent, trustworthy, credible? What proof can I see of that?

sea moss in the ocean

In conclusion

Sea moss is an incredibly loaded superfood rich in minerals, vitamins, and nutrients. It is a must-have for every household and people of all ages. Whether dry or in the form of a gel, it is never too late to jump on the Sea moss healing train and give your body a shot! You can learn more about how to store the different variations of Sea moss here.

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