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Welcome to our website. Native Soil brings you the finest natural sea moss products from the beautiful shores of Zanzibar, Tanzania.

Dried Sea Moss

100% natural, wildcrafted and ocean grown seamoss harvested
on the coast line in the clear blue waters of the Indian Ocean on the island of Zanzibar!

Sea Moss Gel

Made fresh to order, our Sea Moss Gel is prepared with the utmost care. Ready to use as a binding agent for smoothies, shakes and soups. Or for example as a gelling agent in raw cakes or just raw as an ingredient in your salads. This product is also frequently used as a face mask. Our Sea Mos Gel is freshly handmade for you after ordering and has a shelf life of 3 weeks after production.

Sea Moss Blog

On our seamoss blog you will find information about everything related to this amazing superfood!
Do you want to know how to prepare your seamoss? Or what makes sea moss so healthy?
Then visit our blog and find the answers to all your questions.

Sea Moss Gel | Complete Guide

How to make Sea moss gel in a few easy steps! Have you begun to wonder how you could use Sea moss Gel to boost

How to drink seamoss

Storing Sea Moss | Basic Guidelines

How to store Sea moss: Basic Guidelines You just got your hands on some fresh, wildcrafted sea moss but you’re not sure how to store

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